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LAKE CHARLES -- In the recent weeks, the Atlantic Hurricane Season has devastated many areas of the United States, the Caribbean Islands, and Puerto Rico.  In addition, the earthquake in Mexico City has left many suffering in its wake.  The Catholics in the United States have generously contributed in the past to all of the disasters that affect our brothers and sisters, as with the two most recent special collections.

On September 22, 2017, Archbishop Rodi, the Chair of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Special Collection Committee, sent a communication to dioceses across the United States encouraging their generosity once again.  

At the same time, the Diocese of Lake Charles is sensitive to the needs of its own people.  Although not as extensive, damage was experienced in the city of Lake Charles and on the west side of the Diocese along the Sabine River.  Also, our Catholic Charities continues to offer assistance to our neighbors in Texas devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Not to ignore the plight of those suffering from the effects of Hurricane Maria and the earthquake in Mexico City, Bishop Glen John Provost has established two accounts, which gather funds for these two areas.  One can give directly through the diocesan website to one or both, or may give through the local church parish.  Bishop Provost has asked that pastors call for a special collection at a later time.  

The accounts will remain active through November 30.  At that time, the funds raised for Hurricane Maria Relief will be sent through the USCCB to Catholic Charities USA to aid in the recovery on the Island of Puerto Rico and the Islands of the Caribbean.  The funds raised for the Mexico City Earthquake Relief will be sent through the USCCB to Catholic Relief Services (the international arm for aid) to assist in the recovery efforts in Mexico.  
Thank you for your continual generosity.

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