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The purpose of this Broadcast is to give you a very brief update on some of the activities of the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops (LCCB) in the first few weeks of the session. We continued to work to implement the LCCB priority agenda for the 2022 Session.  We continued to apply principles of Catholic Social Teaching concerning the Life and Dignity of the Human Person, Option for the Poor and Vulnerable, Solidarity and Care for Our Common Home.

LCCB continued it's strong stance to reduce abortions by supporting SB 388 which will prohibit the on-line sales of abortion inducing drugs. The bill will be amended to provide more clarity on its intended impact.  We continued to improve the adoption process by requiring all parties to follow best practices as done by our Catholic Charities Adoption agencies.

LCCB took a strong stance and testified to end the use of the death penalty. Despite coordinated catholic and faith based efforts, SB 294 by Senator Jackson, failed in Committee by a 4-1 vote. There is a remaining HB 106 by Representative Kyle Green Jr. that is pending in the House Administration on Criminal Justice.

We continued to advocate to reduce the impacts of human trafficking and apply restorative justice principles to those who have been trafficked. SB 115 improves the training of officers involved in making arrests and SB 148 will provide post-conviction relief for those who have been trafficked.

We supported HB 459 Life Sustaining Act to give patients and families more control of decisions at the end of life and for the ability to transfer to another facility, if necessary, that will respect their decisions.

The LCCB took a very strong and consistent stance to provide reasonable gun control measures. LCCB testified against HB 37 which would allow permit-less carry without any training. This is a dignity of life issue, however, it passed out of committee.

We were not successful in supporting two environmental justice bills, SB 20 and SB 65, aimed at more transparency in communication and reporting to the public on toxins released in our communities.  LCCB will continue to advocate to take Care of Our Common Home.

We continued to support Parental Choice in Education and oppose HB 4 which would eliminate our non-public school appointee to the BESE Board.

We advocated to include funding from the surplus and the American Rescue Plan for poverty alleviation programs and to look holistically at the social determinants of health that contribute to poverty and make concrete the Option for the Poor and Vulnerable.

LCCB will keep you updated as the session progresses. As you can see, there is work to be done to promote the common good.  We will send out Action Alerts on specific legislation for your consideration as well.

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