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During the season of Advent, we focus on Prayers, Fasting, Almsgiving and Evangelization. This year’s Season of Advent begins November 27, 2022, a perfect time to decide to “Give Catholic” and support a favorite diocesan project.

The Diocese of Lake Charles is asking parishioners to participate in an #IGiveCatholic Advent Challenge and donate $20, or a preferred amount of their choosing, to support any or all of the following:

• Ongoing Education of our Seminarians
• Good Works of Catholic Charities of Southwest Louisiana
• Diocesan Office of Communications
In 2012, the concept of Giving Tuesday was launched through the efforts of two organizations in New York City.  Since its inception, Giving Tuesday, while typically held the Tuesday following Thanksgiving Day, has morphed into an array of crowdfunded days through late November and into early December with a variety of charitable names and causes.

Soon after Giving Tuesday 2018, the Diocese of Lake Charles embarked on a customized version and the #IGiveCatholic $20 Lenten Challenge launched in 2019. After a successful initial venture, the #IGiveCatholic $20 Advent Challenge was added. For several years now, both are among the annual diocesan-wide collections.

The #IGiveCatholic $20 Advent Challenge collection supports the diocesan endeavors of Seminarian Education, the works of Catholic Charities of Southwest Louisiana, and Diocesan Communications. Donors may select the endeavor they prefer to support or indicate that their donation will support all three.

The donor may donate as much or as little as they choose with the $20 suggestion made only to indicate that a small donation can go a long way when fellow parishioners join in the cause.

The #IGiveCatholic $20 Advent Challenge is an online event. All donations will be accepted now and through the Season of Advent. CLICK HERE to donate now. Contact your local church parish for more details on how to donate in person or by mail.

Thank you for your prayers and generosity. We are One Diocese, One Church.

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