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JENNINGS -- Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School is closed today as are all Jefferson Davis Parish public schools. Our Lady Immaculate will reopen Tuesday as are public schools in the communities of Elton, Fenton, Hathaway, Jennings, and Lacassine. Public schools in the Jefferson Davis Parish communities of Lake Arthur, Roanoke and Welsh will remain closed on Tuesday.

“Think of what is above, not of what is on earth.”   Colossians 3:2
(Bishop Provost preached the following as a homily for the 18th Sunday of the Year.)
We have been greatly troubled by the occurrences of the last few weeks and months. Terrorist attacks have become more frequent, and violence, it would seem, is becoming a way of life. In a news report I read recently our own State of Louisiana was cited as being one of the most violent. We see only the escalation of violent crimes and the abuse of human dignity. What is one to do?

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Monday, June 20, was an extremely busy day at the Louisiana State Capitol as the House moved to address funding those programs which were underfunded at the conclusion of the regular session.  HB 69, the supplemental appropriations bill which increases funding to those areas that have not yet been made whole, was heard and debated in both the House Appropriations committee as well as on the House floor.

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