Life Issues Forum

By Mary McClusky

I recently attended events where family members expressed two very different attitudes toward living our Catholic faith in an uncertain age. One family member expressed doom and despair for our culture as we careen toward Election Day results. She feared that attacks on unborn life, marriage, religious liberty, and the dignity of women would grow worse if voters elected the wrong people. The other family member spent time delighting in her grandchildren, thanking my husband and me for our pro-life work, and sharing how she faithfully drove to Mass every morning to pray.

By Caitlin Thomas

September 9 was important for two related reasons. First, the Church celebrated the memorial of Saint Peter Claver, a Spanish priest devoted to serving African slaves in the New World. And this year, it was designated by the U.S. bishops as a day of prayer to end race-related division and violence. 


By Tommy O'Donnell
In the coming months, dozens of states will be confronted with efforts to legalize physician-assisted suicide. Under the guise of compassion and autonomy, the expansion of this practice would really mean the legalized abandonment of people who are terminally ill. Instead of being encouraged to end their lives, patients need proper pain management, care for depressive symptoms (which may be caused by their sense of helplessness), spiritual guidance, and accompaniment as they approach their final days. In other words, we should kill the pain, not the patient!