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By Deirdre A. McQuade
No one should ever be forced to participate in an abortion against his or her will. Yet that's exactly what happened to Catherine "Cathy" Cenzon-DeCarlo, RN, whose nursing license and very livelihood were threatened if she didn't assist at an elective late-term abortion. Medical personnel need stronger conscience protections in federal law so this will never happen again.

By Kimberly Baker
In his recent encyclical, Laudato Si, Pope Francis continually emphasizes the theme of gratitude, reminding us that gratitude is critical to our relationship with the natural world and our fellow human beings. Gratitude enables us to see the interconnectedness of all created things and the sacredness of human life, because all are gifts from God.

By Kimberly Baker

Our fast-paced society, which is rapidly losing its sense of God, divides human beings into two categories: winners and losers. In the midst of life’s daily pressures, it is tempting to see others as a means to an end. We can become overly absorbed in the individual quest to fulfill our needs and goals without giving a thought to those around us.

By Mary Prentis
As a twenty-four year old woman, I know it’s very rare to be blessed with three living grandparents. I have fond memories of special nights at their houses, exciting Florida days on their boat, and their support and attendance at various school functions and events. My grandparents have bandaged scraped knees, quieted my adolescent worries about the future, and continued to offer listening ears to my ever-changing quest in my twenties. Never once have I felt like my grandparents were a burden, or that my time spent with them has been a waste. Why? Unconditional love.