Life Issues Forum

By  Richard M. Doerflinger

The breaking news about Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in the body parts of aborted children has attracted many appalled reactions, and rightly so.  PP’s medical director was caught on video, discoursing callously over lunch about adapting the killing procedure to obtain the “intact” organs that researchers want.  More such videos are being released that will deserve a response – not least, perhaps, by Congress.

By Tom Grenchik

Following the story of last year’s tragic suicide of a young and terminally ill cancer patient, it seemed like all the media could talk about was the courage of controlling your death by taking your own life. Encouraging suicide did not stop with the media.  Many state legislatures began a mad scramble to legalize assisted suicide as quickly as possible.

By Aaron Matthew Weldon
“Everything is connected.”  This phrase echoes throughout the recent encyclical from the Holy Father, Laudato Si.  Pope Francis presents a comprehensive vision.  Our attitude toward our common home is inseparable from our attitude toward the unborn, poor, and all who are vulnerable.  The crises of our age have arisen because we refuse to receive created things in humility, simple joy, and awe at the work of God.

By Anne McGuire
In the midst of the many attacks on human life these days, we are called to help establish a “culture of life” that has at its heart the understanding that each of us is deeply loved by God, created to be with him, and offered redemption through Christ’s death and Resurrection. We can vote in a way consistent with respect for life, take part in Respect Life Month observances each October, and participate in events like the March for Life each January. But is there anything else we can do?

By Deirdre A. McQuade

The number of abortions is declining almost everywhere in the United States. According to an Associated Press (AP) survey using the most recent figures available, the sheer number of surgical abortions nationwide dropped 12 percent since 2010. This trend, though much-discussed, is actually nothing new. Abortions have been declining for 25 years.