Glad Tidings - April 23, 2017

Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday): Bishop Glen John Provost reads from the Gospel of St. John (20:19-31) and speaks on the importance of the scripture to the faithful. Alison Fontenot and Morris LeBleu bring you news of the diocese, the region, the state, and the world. In the second half hour, on this week’s segment of From the Pew, Alison Fontenot talks with Susan Fry and Hortensia Vincent about their recent journey to El Camino de Santiago. During this five-day meditative walk, also known as "The Way of St. James," participants carry only a backpack relying in faith on the generosity of strangers for their successful journey to the Cathedral of Saintiago de Compestla in Glaicia in northwestern Spain. The Way of St. James was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages during the Middle Ages, together with those to Rome and Jerusalem.