Diocesan Priests

Name Position Phone
Reverend Joby K. Mathew, H.G.N. Pastor 337-439-2646
Reverend E. Joseph McGrath Retired
Reverend Charles McMillin Retired 337-842-4641
Reverend Whitney Miller, Ph.D., L.P.C. Director, Diocesan Counseling Services 337-436-7275, Ext. 231
Reverend William M. Miller Pastor 337-584-2700
Reverend Arvind Minz, H.G.N. Pastor 337-762-3365
Reverend Augustine Mulanjanany Retired 011 - 91 - 9562 144 745
Reverend Charles Okorougo Retired 337-478-4780
Reverend Joshua Page Parochial Vicar 337-477-1236
Reverend Mathew Panackal, M.O.C. Pastor 337-734-3673
Reverend Vijaya Prakash Peddoju, H.G.N. Pastor 318-335-3780
Very Reverend Keith Pellerin, V.F. Pastor 337-824-0168
Reverend Don A. Piraro Retired 337-602-4135
The Most Reverend Glen John Provost, D.D., M.A. Bishop of Lake Charles 337-439-7400, Ext. 204
Very Reverend Edward Richard, M.S., V.F. Pastor 337-527-5261
Reverend Monsignor Vincent A. Sedita Retired 337-370-9076
Reverend Jeffrey Starkovich Pastor 337-725-3719
Reverend Clyde Thomas Chaplain to hospital and nursing homes in Jennings; In Residence at Our Lady of Perpetual Help 337-824-3182
Reverend D.B. Thompson, J.C.L., M.A. In Residence 337-436-8093
Reverend Levi Thompson Parochial Vicar and Chaplain to Hispanic Community 337-436-7223