Offices and Agencies

Name Position Phone
Reverend Whitney Miller, Ph.D., LPC Director 337-436-7275, Ext. 231
Michelle Monceaux Assistant Director 337-855-1232
Rickard Newman Director 337-439-7436, Ext. 209
Office of the Bishop Bishop of Lake Charles 337-439-7400, Ext. 204
Offices of Marriage, Family Life, and Pro-Life Sr. Mary Benedicta Maier; Blaine and Denise Wyninger, Co-Directors 337-439-7400, Ext. 313
Office of Hispanic Ministry Ricardo Ruvalcaba, Spanish Pastoral Assistant 337-436-7223
Office of Liturgy Reverend Samuel Bond, Director 337-436-7251
Offices of Marriage, Family Life, and Pro-Life Andrea Ward, Coordinating Assistant 337-439-7400, Ext. 220
Office of Stewardship and Development Stephanie Rodrigue, Director 337-439-7400, Ext. 309
Office of Vicar for Clergy Very Reverend Aubrey Guilbeau, V.E., Vicar 337-855-6662
Office of Youth Ministry Director, Milissa Thibodeaux 337-439-7400, Ext. 303
Reverend John Payne, J.C.L. Director / Judge 337-358-2502
The Most Reverend Glen John Provost, M.A., D.D. Bishop 337-439-7400, Ext. 204
Stephanie Rodrigue Director 337-439-7400, Ext. 217
Sr. Maura Clare Mayock, R.S.M. Director 337-439-7400, Ext. 305
Ricardo Ruvalcaba Spanish Pastoral Assistant 337-436-7223
Pamela Seal Associate Director 337-439-7400, Ext. 310
Deacon Brian Soileau Deacon 337-855-1232
Deacon George Stearns Chancellor, Archivist, and Chief Financial Officer 337-439-7400, Ext. 204
Stella Maris Seafarers Center at the Port of Lake Charles Raymond Fontenot, Director 337-436-1315