Thursday, October 8, 2020

Dear People of God,

Praised be Jesus Christ! We are all awaiting the inevitable strike of Hurricane Delta. The onslaught of these storms has understandably left us apprehensive and exhausted. We must, nonetheless, be assured that we are in God’s hands.

I was reminded this morning of a quote from St. Vincent de Paul which merits re-reading and reflection:

“Even were the entire world to rise up to destroy us, it could do nothing but what is pleasing to God, in Whom we have placed our hope.” –– St. Vincent de Paul

In some mysterious way, that often eludes us, God’s Will is found in every moment. The virtue of hope, with God’s Grace, is what sustains us and keeps us from descending into darkness and despair. Fear is fed by the unknown, but fear, in the words of our Lord, is useless. What is needed is faith (cf. Mark 5:38; Luke 8:50).

So, let us turn to our Lord, trusting in His constant care, asking for insight to understand His ways, and confident that somehow, someway, God’s Will be manifested.

We the clergy, and our people are indeed in God’s hands. Be assured of my own prayers and concern.

Asking the prayers also of Our Lady Star of the Sea for your safety and intentions, I remain

Yours in our Lord,





+The Most Reverend Glen John Provost
Bishop of Lake Charles