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LAKE CHARLES – In this time of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, the 153-member 2020 Senior Class of St. Louis Catholic High School held its commencement ceremony on the grass field of Cougar Stadium on Thursday, May 28.

Thunder and lightning along with a torrential rain shower forced the original event, set the evening before, to one day later.

The St. Louis Award, the most prestigious award of the school, goes to the male and female senior student voted as the outstanding Christian student by their peers and approved by members of the faculty. This year’s recipients, seen at left, are Claire Brescher and Lucas Manuel. The awards, made possible the Lake Charles Serra Club, go to the students who have shown Love of God and Neighbor, Strong Moral Character, Desire to Serve Community, Courage to stand up for Christian Principles, a Daily Christian Lifestyle, and Proper Use of God-Given gifts.

The seniors have been offered $5.8 million in college scholarships, which does not include the Louisiana TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students) that will be made known later in the summer.

Other awards and honors announced at the ceremony included: Aidan Primeaux, Student of the Year; Julianna Broussard, DAR/Plauche Good Citizen Award; Abigail Fontenot and Ethan Hebert, American Legion Americanism Award; Madison Brinkman and Lucas Manuel, Knights of Columbus Award; Margaret Bruchhaus, Caldarera Student Council Leadership Award; Caroline Obluda and Ethan Hebert, Scholar Athlete Award; Jadon Johnson, Keith Jones Award; and Kane Miller, the 64-Parish Strong Award and Knights of Columbus Catholic Youth Leadership Award.

Principal Mia Orgeron and vice principal Blaine Wyninger recognized those students with college scholarships and other awards. The graduates were announced by Kathy Owen, Religious IV teacher,  with Orgeron and Wyninger conferring the diplomas.

St. Louis Catholic High
School Class of 2020,
with honors and awards.

(* = Honor Graduate)
KYLIE JACK ABELL; *ELIZABETH GRACE ACHÉE,  NHS, LA Bi-literacy, Tiger Excellence Scholar Resident Award; SARAH KATHERINE ADAMS, NHSSAVANNAH GRACE ADAMS; *BLAKE ELIZABETH ALLEY,  NHS, LA Bi-literacy, Tiger Excellence Scholar Resident Award, LA Tiger Legacy Excellence Scholarship: BRETT CHRISTIAN ARDOIN, McNeese Academic Excellence Award; STEPHEN CHRISTOPHER AYERS, JR..   Xavier Academic Scholarship; ISABELLE GRACE BACA, NHS, McNeese Academic Excellence Award, Distinguished Achievement Award in Art;  *CLAIRE BERNICE BASONE, NHS, John McNeese Award; SADIE ALISE BELAIRE,       NHS; JOSEPH HENRY BELCHER,      Loyola University of New Orleans LA Resident Scholarship, Legacy Scholarship & Loyola Scholarship; LUKE WYATT BENOIT, ULL Men's Track & Field Scholarship; *ZACHARY SEAN BENOIT, NHS, St. Edward’s President’s Achievement Scholarship, Edwardian Scholarship, St. Edward’s Grant; SARAH SUSANNAH BLUE; PAUL MICHAEL BOITNOTT, McNeese Band Service Award; RYAN ELLIOT BOWER; *CLAIRE ELIZABETH BRESCHER, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, LA Tiger Legacy Excellence Scholarship, Academic Scholar Resident Award, Westlake Scholarship, Burger King McLamore Foundation Scholarship; *MADISON MARIE BRINKMAN, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, ULL Live Oak Scholarship; *ANNA CATHERINE BROUSSARD, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, John McNeese Award; AVA GRACE BROUSSARD; GRACIE MARIE BROUSSARD;  JOHN-PATRICK JAMES BROUSSARD, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, Chick-fil-A Leadership Scholarship, McNeese Academic Excellence Award.

    Also, *JULIANA ISABELLA BROUSSARD, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, UT Knoxville Volunteer Scholarship; *MARAGARET ANNIE BRUCHHAUS, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, LSU Flagship Scholar Resident Award; *BENJAMIN KEITH BURGUIERES, NHS, LA-Tech Outstanding Freshman Scholarship, Outstanding Student Scholarship; MATTHEW DAVID BURNHAM, NHS; HANNAH CLAIRE CALDARERA; ETHAN JUDE CARNAHAN,        McNeese Academic Excellence Award; CHRISTIAN SCOTT CARPENTER, South Alabama USA Freshman Admission Scholarship; AARON DOMINIC CASTETE, NHS

ANDREW PHILIP CASTLEBERRY; *SAMOAN NICOLE COMBRE, Xavier Merit Based Scholarship & Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Scholarship; LANDON DANE COOLEY,         LA Bi-literacy, LA-Tech Outstanding Student Scholarship;


*ALEXANDER JAMES DARBONNE, John McNeese Award; COLLIN BERNARD DARBY, Spring Hill Ignatian Leader Award & Men's Golf Scholarship; JOLI CLARICE DEROUEN; *LILY JO DEROUEN, NHS, LA-Biliteracy, Global Bi-literacy, SLU Vice President  Tuition Scholarship, SLC Catholic High School Award, Grant Assistance, Federal Pell Grant;  *OLIVIA ALEJANDRA DESANTOS, NHS, Loyola University of New Orleans Dean’s Scholarship, LA Resident Scholarship;  *JULIA MARIE DORÉ, NHS, LA-Biliteracy, John McNeese Award; JOHN MARTIN DOWNER; CHARLES MITCHELL DROST; CALEB JOSEPH DUHON; and JAMES KAELON DUPLECHAIN.
   Also JOHN MERRICK ELLENDER, NHS, LSU Academic Scholar Resident Award; WILLIAM MORGAN EVANS, LA Bi-literacy, LA-Tech Outstanding Student Scholarship, Counselor’s Choice Award; ETHAN ELLIS EZELL; *EMMA-BERNADETTE ALCANTARA FAUL, NHS, LA-Tech Outstanding Student Scholarship; *ABIGAIL GRACE FONTENOT,          NHS, LA Bi-literacy, John McNeese Award; GARIN JAKE FONTENOT; GAVIN JULES FONTENOT; MATTHEW EVANS FONTENOT; ROMAN JOSEPH FONTENOT; ANNABELLA MONIQUE FRANKLIN; DILLON PAUL FRUGE; CLAY MATTHEW GASKIN, McNeese Academic Excellence Award; *PRESLEY CHRISTINE GILBERT, Tiger Excellence Scholar Resident Award;

ANNA GRACE GROVE; KENZIE LEIGH GUILLORY; MADISON MAE GUILLORY, John McNeese Award, John McNeese Campus Room Award, John McNeese Meal Plan Award; RICO PAUL GUILLORY; HANNAH ELIZABETH HANCOCK, McNeese Academic Excellence Award; *JAKE THOMAS HANKS, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, LSU Flagship Scholar Resident Award; RILEY CLAIRE HARGRODER;  *ETHAN AUTRY HEBERT,        NHS, LA Bi-literacy, LA-Tech Counselor’s Choice Award, Presidential Scholarship, National Merit LA Tech Award; *ANNE PATRICIA HELMS, NHS, Tiger Excellence Scholar Resident Award; HAYES ANGLIN HOLLAND; *OLIVIA GRACE HUBBARD, NHS, LA-Tech Presidential Scholarship, Citgo Scholarship Award; KRISTINA RENEE HUDSON; *RYAN MICHAEL IEYOUB,  NHS, LA Bi-literacy, LSU Academic Scholar Resident Award; EMILY JACE JARRELL; *KATHERINE ANNE JESTER, NHS, Texas A&M Lechner Scholarship, Maroon Merit Award, Citgo Scholarship, National Honor Society Scholarship; GABRIEL KARRINGTON JOHNSON, McNeese NAUW Book Stipend; JADON CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON, Wayne State College Football Scholarship; *CAILYN BLAIR JONES, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, ULL Magnolia Scholarship and Sasol Scholarship; KEYSHAWN JERMAINE JONES, University of the Ozarks Commitment to Excellence Ozarks Annual Fund Scholarship; TRISTEN SCOTT JUDICE; GABRIELLE ISABELLA KARAM; OLIVIA ROSE KILPATRICK, NHS; *GABRIELLE ELIZABETH KUEHN, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, LSU Academic Scholar Resident Award; *EMILY CLAIRE LABICHE, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, LSU Academic Scholar Resident Award; and *ABIGAIL MICHELLE LECHTENBERG, NHS, LA-Tech Dean’s Scholarship & P.E.O Star Scholarship.

    Also, LUKE HENRY LEDET; MCKENZIE CRYSLYN LEDUFF, LA Bi-literacy, ASU Athletic Golf Scholarship, Dick & Linda Batti Scholarship, Doritos Valedictorian Contest Winner; EMMA MARIE LEONARD; J-ALLEN SEAN MANUEL, John McNeese Award;  *LUCAS JAMES MANUEL, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, LA-Tech Presidential Scholarship; WILLIAM QUINN MARCEAUX; ISABELLE GRACE MARTEL; EMMA SHAY MATT, LA Bi-literacy; *STRATTON FOY  MCLAUGHLIN,  LA Tiger Legacy Excellence Scholarship, Academic Scholar Resident Award; DOHNAVAN RICHARD MCMICHAEL, McNeese Federal Pell Grant; *MOLLIE SOPHIA MCSPADDEN, ULL Magnolia Scholarship; ADAM TRENT MERE; GABRIEL LANDRY MEYER, NHS; KANE ROBERT MILLER, NHS, LSU Dean’s Scholarship, Transformation Merit Resident Award; LEXIE DAWN MILLER; AUGUSTUS PATRICK MILLIGAN, NHS; *RUSSELL CARSON MIXON IV, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, McNeese Presidential Award; GRIFFIN PAUL MOREIN; *EDEN GRACE MORENO, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, McNeese University Scholars Award; GRACE JEANNE MORGAN; *LAYLA MICHELLE MORTON, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, Tiger Excellence Scholar Resident Award; *ALIVIA MARIE MUDD, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, TCU Faculty Scholarship; AVA MARIE MUDD, NHS; I’JSHANELL MALAYSIA MULMORE; CALEB TODD MURRY;  BRENON MANUEL NASH, NHS; *ISABELLA GIANNA NAUTS, NHS, John McNeese Award; MIKAYLA JOHNAYE NED; *CAROLINE MARIE OBLUDA, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, Global Bi-literacy, Colorado School of  Mines President’s Scholarship, Vanguard Community of Scholars Program; JOHN AARON ORGERON; ZACKARY PHILLIPS PAUL; *JACE TANNER PELOQUIN, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, LA-Tech Presidential Scholarship; JOSEPH WILLIAM PERCLE; *ANA-CLAIRE MARIE PERKINS, LA Bi-literacy, Loyola University New Orleans ,  Dean’s Scholarship  & Legacy Scholarship; COLBY ALAN PIATT, NHS, LA-Tech Outstanding Student Scholarship, Forestry Presidential Scholarship & Frank O. Pruitt Scholarship; *MOLLY GENE PIATT, John McNeese Award;

   Also, *AIDAN CHRISTOPHER PRIMEAUX, NHS, LSU Flagship Scholar Resident Award, Manship Scholarship; JONAH PAUL EUGENY REGGIE; SARAH CATHERINE RICHARD,      NHS, McNeese Academic Excellence Award; BENJAMIN KANE RILEY; OWEN MICHAEL ROACH; MARLANA MARIE RODRIGUEZ, LA-Biliteracy, ULL Westlake Scholarship; LUCILE LEBBY JENKINS RUMSEY; OLIVIA DANIELLE RUPERT, McNeese University Scholars Award; JAMES JOSEPH RYDER; BRYCE JAMES SANDERS; *JOHNATHAN DANIEL SAVOY, LA Bi-literacy; JILLIAN ISABELLE SEDANO;  JACKSON DAVIS SLADE; COLSON JAMES SNIDER,  John McNeese Award; SAMANTHA RACHEL STEVENS; *MADELINE GRACE STICKELL, NHS, LA Bi-literacy, Tiger Excellence Scholar Resident Award, LA Tiger Legacy Excellence Scholarship, Westlake Scholarship; *SOPHIE MARIE STINE, NHS, LSU Flagship Scholar Resident Award; CHRISTIAN HEATH TABOR, John McNeese Award; *JULIA CAMILLE TASSIN, NHS, John McNeese Award; *SOPHIA GRACE TASSIN,       NHS, A.J. “Bud” Weisbrod Scholarship & Choral Service Award, McNeese University Scholars Award; KALI GRACE TATE; *GRACE ANNE THERIOT, NHS, LSU Transformation Merit Resident Award;  TIMOTHY NEAL THOMASON; LOGAN JAMES TODD; ANAIYA FAITH TURNER, LSU Eunice Basketball Scholarship; ANDREW FREDRICK VANCHIERE; *NICHOLAS DREW VEULEMAN, LSU Flagship Scholar Resident Award, Pelican Promise Award; *CELIA ANNE VILLAUME,  NHS, LA Bi-literacy, ULL Cypress Scholarship; WILLIAM HENRY JOSEPH WARD; *CASSILDA OLIVIA-CLAIRE WILLIAMS, NHS, LSU Innovation Scholarship, Transformation Merit Resident Award; ALEXANDER JOSEPH YOKUBAITIS, Oklahoma State University Academic Achievement Scholarship, Athletic Wrestling Scholarship; and CAMERON REED YOUNG.



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