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2018-2019 DOLC Seminarians

Thirteen Men Return To Seminary Studies

The 2018-2019 class of men continuing their discernment and training for the priesthood for the Diocese of Lake Charles is one of its largest and each man has been assigned to various seminaries by Bishop Glen John Provost. The Bishop, seen center in the above photo, is seated with the class. Seated with him are, from left, Andrew DeRouen, Joseph Caraway, Deacon Michael Caraway, and Levi Thompson. Standing, from left, are Michael Beverung, Alec January, Josh Page, Conner Chaisson, Samuel Bond, Treville Belcher, Lai Nguyen, Olin Scot Chester, and Garrett Broussard. Belcher, Chaisson, and Broussard are the three newest men accepted by Bishop Provost for entry into the seminary. Deacon Michael Caraway, who will return to the Pontifical North American College in Rome following his fall internship, was ordained to the diaconate in June. He will join three other men, at the PNAC - Andrew DeRouen, Joseph Caraway, and Levi Thompson. Deacon Caraway will be completing his fourth year of theological study while the trio are in their third theological year. They, along with Sam Bond, studying at Notre Dame Seminary College in New Orleans, are expected, with God’s grace, to be ordained next June to the transitional diaconate by Bishop Provost. The priestly ordination of Deacon Caraway is expected at the same time.

New seminarians, Treville Belcher and Garrett Broussard, both in First Year Pre-Theology at Notre Dame Seminary and Conner Chaisson in First Year College at St. Joseph Seminary College. Alec January and Josh Page are in their fourth year of philosophy study at St. Joseph. Also, at Notre Dame Seminary will be Michael Beverung in second year theology, Lai Nguyen in second year pre-theology, and Olin Scott Chester in first year theology. The men represent 10 church parishes of the diocese – Michael Beverung – Our Lady Queen of Heaven; Sam Bond – Our Lady of LaSalette, DeQuincy; Levi Thompson – St. Theodore, Moss Bluff; Joseph Caraway – St. Charles Borromeo, Fenton and its mission, St. John the Evangelist, Lacassine; Andrew DeRouen – Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception; Lai Nguyen, Garrett Broussard, and Treville Belcher – all Our Lady of Good Counsel; Deacon Michael Caraway – Our Lady Help of Christians, Jennings; Alec January – St. Philip Neri, Kinder; Olin Scott Chester – St. Joseph, Vinton; and Josh Page and Conner Chaisson – both Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Sulphur. Rev. Jeffrey Starkovich, the pastor of St. Pius X Catholic Church in Ragley, serves as Director of Seminarians and Vocations for the diocese, overseeing the education, training, and discernment of these men. Additionally, before their return to school, three seminarians – Olin Scott Chester, Michael Beverung, and Sam Bond - were accepted by Bishop Provost to Candidacy for Admission to Holy Orders. The Rite of Admission is celebrated when a seminarian has reached a maturity of purpose regarding his vocation and has shown the necessary qualities for ordained ministry. Through this liturgical rite, a seminarian makes a public intention of receiving Holy Orders and resolves to continue his preparation, in mind and spirit, in order to give faithful service to Christ and His Church.

A seminary burse is a permanent fund set aside to provide income for the education and training of future priests. There are currently 102 such funds with the total invested at $2,198,180.36.

The principal amount of the fund is never spent but invested, with the interest used each year for education expenses of those men studying for the priesthood for the Diocese of Lake Charles. Since the principal is never touched, this fund is truly a "gift that will give forever." Donations made to any seminary burse will continue to support the education of seminarians in perpetuity.

Seminary burses can be established in honor or memory of a loved one, in the name of especially well-loved priests or religious sisters (there are a number already established) or an organization, with any amount of money and gifts may be added to current burses.

Checks made payable to The Diocese of Lake Charles should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., V.G., Diocese of Lake Charles, P.O. Box 3223, Lake Charles, LA 70602-3223 along with a description of the donor’s wishes for the naming of the burse. Please make note in the memo portion of your check that the gift is for a seminary burse. A list of burses is provided below for your benefit.

If you would like further information on seminary burses, contact Monsignor Torres or Stephanie Rodrigue, Director of Development, at 337-439-7400 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Diocese of Lake Charles
Seminary Burses
(As of January 18, 2019)
Msgr. Louis Boudreaux $ 6,982.50
Bishop Jules Jeanmard $ 9,276.69
Latrielle Houssiere $ 15,000.00
Charles Houssiere $ 15,000.00
Gelu Houssiere $ 15,000.00
Henry Houssiere $ 15,000.00
Msgr. William J. Teurlings $ 3,092.23
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Houssiere $ 15,000.00
Israel Hebert Family $ 15,000.00
Fr. Moise Hebert $ 2,231.66
Pro Ecclesia $ 5,203.55
Immaculate Conception $ 3,092.23
Saint Joseph $ 1,217.93
Lake Charles Seminary $ 15,000.00
Cure d’ Ars $ 3,092.23
Mr. and Mrs. C. Delahoussaye $ 15,000.00
Msgr. Lerschen $ 1,203.35
Saint Theresa $ 5,356.71
Catholic Daughters of the Americas $ 1,666.46
Msgr. Louis Boudreaux $ 15,000.00
Herrington Family $ 15,000.00
Horvath Family $ 12,500.00
Harry Van Tiel Family $ 1,031.96
Habetz-Oustalet-Mitchell Families $ 5,000.00
Msgr. A. Van Buijtenen $ 7,262.00
Msgr. Jules Daigle $ 15,000.00
Mr. and Mrs. Galip Jacobs/Sam Joseph $ 600.00
Msgr. Charles Levasseur $ 70,000.00
Plauche Family $ 4,000.00
Rev. Oscar S Vasquez-Munoz $ 1,429.00
Msgr. Bede Becnel $ 23,652.68
Jeffery Savant $ 2,435.00
Rev. Robert Lee Shreve $ 25,973.33
Bishop Jude Speyrer $ 73,725.73
Our Lady of the Snows/CDA Court $ 22,400.00
Msgr. Curtis Vidrine $ 28,689.60
Msgr. Murphy Bernard $ 27,476.90
Rev. Alphonse M. Volpe $ 25,122.62
East Deanery Serra Club $ 2,550.00
Msgr. Charles Dubois $ 9,926.70
Msgr. Amos J. Vincent $ 34,723.21
Rev. Oris A. Broussard $ 27,810.66
Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc $ 160,127.43
Rev. John Giles $ 25,132.21
Rev. Maurice Martineau $ 27,087.40
Truman Stacey $ 10,382.09
Lorraine Yelverton $ 7,650.00
The Ordinario Family $ 50,000.00
Walter Henry/Agnes Stevenson Granger $ 40,000.00
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cassidy $ 2,150.00
Mitchell Duhon $ 252,984.14
Joe and Janet Stoma $ 9,550.00
Marion Bond Courrege $ 1,000.00
Bill Moriarity $ 50.00
St. Pope John Paul II $ 1,500.00
Dr. and Mrs. David Buttross, Jr. $ 12,000.00
Edgar and Penny Perkins $ 25,000.00
Angela and Frank Miller $ 10,000.00
Rev. Charles Soileau $ 42,173.35
Rev. T.L. Herlong/Sr. Pius Blanchard, MHS $ 24,343.35
John and Dinah Bradford $ 2,500.00
Dr. Gerry and Susan Hebert Family $ 15,000.00
Ola Mae and F. M. Thornton $ 100,000.00
Kenneth and Marjorie Long $ 5,000.00
Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Evans $ 23,500.00
Rev. James A. Doyle $ 50,813.14
Ray and Dorothy Conner $ 41,275.00
Todd and Missy Theriot Family $ 6,000.00
Rev. Msgr. Joseph A. Bourque $ 57,340.74
Most Holy Trinity $ 3,000.00
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Louviere $ 2,500.00
Kevin P. Gayle $ 10,000.00
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett J. Caraway Sr. $ 30,000.00
Deacon Maurice and Patricia Serice $ 3,500.00
Frank and Frances Terranova $ 5,500.00
Richard and Worth Miller $ 15,000.00
Nancy A. Hayes $ 5,000.00
Serra Club of Lake Charles $ 4,956.72
Jacob Louis Dietz $ 1,000.00
Rev. Whitney Miller, Ph.D., L.P.C. $ 8,600.00
Dale and Jennie Reichley $ 15,000.00
Benedict XVI $ 3,500.00
Earl and Alverdy Veron $ 1,000.00
Glen and Tirana Bertrand $ 15,000.00
Rev. James C. Miles $ 25,676.25
Hal, Gladys, Dotsy, and Francis Edwards $ 4,000.00
Leroy and Ellen Martin $ 10,000.00
Ray and Margaret Bertrand $ 3,000.00
Lester and Rubylee Roby Perez $ 2,525.00
The Vincent Family $ 1,000.00
Dr. Harold G & Juanita M. Edwards & Family $ 5,000.00
Chuck & Jennifer Bellon $ 1,000.00
Jerome J. Scalisi, Jr. & Family $ 10,000.00
Jim & Andrea Blanchard $ 15,000.00
Catholic Extension Endowment Match $ 50,000.00
Rev. Archimandrite Herbert J. May, Jr. $ 29,235.70
Ken & Karen Chamberlain $ 5,000.00
Deacon Sam A. "Trey" Ange III $ 2,285.00
Robichaux, Wadsack & Watson $ 250,000.00
Reverend Charles McMillin - "Fr. Mac" $ 600.00
Reverend Monsignor Vincent Sedita $ 1,000.00
Reverend Monsignor Louis J. Melancon $ 43,017.91


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