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By Pamela Seal 
Diocese of Lake Charles 

MOSS BLUFF — Troy and Jessica Findley of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Vinton summed up the recent Together in Holiness marriage enrichment day with one word: gift. 

“To spend time with God and each other in community like this knowing we are going home more strengthened for the family is a gift. It has been a blessing,” Troy said about the event held at Camp Karol of Saint Charles Center on April 29. 

April 9, 2023

I am struck by the fact, as recorded in the Gospels, that the disciples of Jesus are surprised by the empty tomb (cf. John 20:9; Luke 24:4; Luke 24:21-24; Mark 16:3; Matthew 28:5ff.). The Lord had foretold His Passion, Death, and Resurrection, but as we know from the Gospel accounts, the disciples did not understand or fully appreciate what was said (e.g. Luke 9:45). The tragedy of Calvary remained imprinted in their hearts and minds. Nonetheless, the tomb remains empty.

Tolton Ambassadors-Louisiana and Associates held the Inaugural Venerable Father Augustus Tolton Essay Contest during the month of February.  An awards ceremony was Sunday, March 12, to honor students participating from throughout the Diocese of Lake Charles and Calcasieu Parish schools for their extraordinary and outstanding essays. 

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