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LAKE CHARLES – Sixteen men studying for the priesthood for the Diocese of Lake Charles will return to their seminary courses later this month in three different seminaries in the United States and Italy.

This summer, these men were assigned to various parishes of the Diocese to assist the pastors of the parishes and learn more about the priest’s pastoral duties to his flock. The 16 are pictured in the photo at left with Bishop Glen John Provost, center. The seminarians are Trey Ange, John Souder, Samuel Orsot, Michael Caraway, Samuel Bond, Joseph Caraway, Randall Edwards, Andy Derouen, Levi Thompson, Addison Pitre, Michael Beverung, Eric Gruspier, Olin Chester, Josh Page, Alec January, and Adam Blake Richard.
During the week of August 5-7, the Diocese hosts its annual Seminarians Seminar at Tabor Retreat House of Saint Charles Center. The three-day event includes talks on a given theme pertinent to their formation, this year “Balance and Mature Judgment”.

Bishop  Provost will give the keynote talk introducing the topic and concentrating on an introduction to the pursuit of virtue in the life of the seminarian and the priest. There will be three other presentations during the seminar, give by Father Ruben Buller on “Discretion,” Father Derek Covert on “Wisdom,” and Father Edward Richard, M.S., on “Prudence”. "The virtues and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are necessary for the exercise of the Christian life and most especially for the life of service in our Lord required by the priesthood," Bishop Provost said.

The Vianney House of Discernment and Formation has three men enrolled as residents under the supervision of Father Nathan Long. 
Life at Vianney House moves around three areas of focus: Prayer - Holy Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, and Adoration underlie the daily schedule for Vianney residents. The schedule of prayer helps a man to develop discipline and to grow in his love for God. Regular conferences are also given as an instruction in the spiritual life and discernment; Study and Work - Residents are enrolled full-time at the local university or community college and have a part-time job. In addition to forming habits of the soul, the residents learn to form good study skills and a sound work ethic; and Community Life - A sense of fraternity and stability is established among the residents through community meals, outings and recreation. The bonds that develop are truly life-changing and tremendously helpful in facing the challenges of following God’s will. It also gives the residence a sense of the seminary community, though on a smaller scale.

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