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Bishop Glen John Provost has released the following statement in response to the National Crisis of Sexual Misconduct in the Church.

I would ask the faithful of the Diocese to join me in prayer and acts of penance for the damage that has been done to young people in the Church.   It is virtually impossible for any of us to express adequately the outrage and the sorrow that we feel.    Simply, we must acknowledge sin, assist the victims, ask forgiveness, seek genuine repentance, correct the errors, and remain constantly vigilant.  What is true for our call to personal holiness is as true for our collective response to the horrors we have experienced in the Church and our society.   We must take seriously, each and every one of us, our Lord’s admonition:   “If you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments” (Matthew 19:17).          
Many have asked me about our policies and practices.  I wish to reassure the Catholic faithful of the Diocese of Lake Charles that we, the Bishop and administration, take very seriously our commitment to protect our children and young people.   The perversion of children and youth is reprehensible.   Our Lord condemns such behavior in the Gospel.  As I have publicly stated in the past, and local law enforcement and prosecutors have acknowledged, when an accusation is brought to our attention, we immediately report it and cooperate fully with the authorities.   We make every effort to be transparent and forthcoming.  The Diocese of Lake Charles acts on its policy addressing these issues which can be found on our diocesan website.

Additionally, the Diocese of Lake Charles conforms fully to the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.   The agency tasked with the annual audit of all dioceses in the nation, StoneBridge Business Partners, has certified that the Diocese of Lake Charles is in compliance with the Charter.  There are no uninvestigated or unaddressed accusations in the Diocese of Lake Charles.   

Our concern must be first and foremost the healing of the victims and the prevention of further abuse.   We know that abuse destroys innocence.   As Christians, may we with Christ be a source of the Father’s love.         

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