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Work on the restoration and repair of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, made possible by contributions to the Return to Lord Capital Campaign, has continued unabated over the past several months. Moving forward and almost complete is the work beneath the Cathedral – in its crawlspace – where the area has seen removal of rotted soils, debris, abandoned electrical piping, HVAC return air ducts and supply ducts, the grading of soil, installing smooth river rock, high tensile strength water barrier and galvanized reinforcing and the pouring of concrete as a floor. Upon completion other vital items will be taken on in the crawlspace.  Above the floor of the sacristy, a room that will hold heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment has been constructed.  Two other similar areas are being constructed within the current wall spaces above the eastern entry to the Cathedral. Work continues on the replacement of heating and air conditioning systems in the Cathedral. Equipment will be located away from the walls of the Cathedral with a mechanical yard built along the northwest wall of the rectory parking lot. Refrigerant lines will run underground from that area through conduit into the Cathedral to prevent obtrusiveness and unnecessary noise for those worshiping in the Cathedral. Work on the high roof will begin soon with the temporary removal of the clay tiles so as to replace needed wood as well as the felt underlayment, which at about 50 years old is at its life’s end. Following this will be the replacement of the clay tile thus assuring the cessation of leaks in order to allow plaster work to begin inside.

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