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Fraternus, a national organization that has been mentoring boys into virtuous Catholic men for over 10 years, has formed a local chapter in the Diocese of Lake Charles. Although it goes into high school and beyond, Fraternus membership begins in the fifth grade because it is in those years that mentoring becomes necessary.

A brotherhood of disciples, Fraternus provides the simple challenge and means for men to embrace and live their fatherly roles, especially in regards to passing on the Catholic faith. It also provides the training and means for men to reach out to the fatherless in their community, inviting them to mature in brotherhood. 

According to a press release provided by Fraternus, 40% of children in the United States will be raised without their dad. Considering abuse and the many ways a father can be absent — emotionally, spiritually, physically — the ripple effect of a fatherless generation is just the beginning. Boys can only learn to be men from men, and men are fully men when they live the fatherly mission that is uniquely theirs. The strengthening of men will be the strengthening of boys, and the mentoring and fathering of boys will be the strengthening of men. 

The goal of Fraternus is to raise up men by providing a pathway to mature Christian fraternity. To form boys, you must form men as brothers and fathers. This is why Fraternus works. Weekly meetings called Frat Night are the foundation of each chapter. A Frat Night includes teaching, discussion, play and challenge. The discussions flow from the weekly Sunday Mass readings and prayers and revolve around learning the virtues of faith, hope, love, prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. Challenges build toward the habits of a Catholic man like regular self-denial, receiving the Sacraments with piety and devotion, and praying the Rosary. 

Fraternus chapters are born from and always point back to the parish, the local community of men, because it is in the Eucharist that Christian fraternity is most manifest. Fraternus helps to unite the men of a parish or community into a brotherhood seeking virtue and holiness, then provides the framework to make sure that passes on to the next generation through intentional mentoring. 

For more information on the local chapter in the Diocese of Lake Charles, contact Aric Pohorelsky at 205-705-9964 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, visit the national website: www.fraternus.net 

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