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The following statement offers clarification regarding the memo issued on Sept. 29 regarding a priest illegitimately ministering in the Diocese of Lake Charles:

When a priest travels outside his home diocese, it is required that his local bishop send a Testimony of Suitability for Ministry to the bishop of the diocese the priest intends to visit. These protocols are in place in every diocese of the United States to protect the good of the faithful. Father Vincent Vadakkedath has refused to produce a Testimony of Suitability for Ministry and refused to meet with the Bishop of Lake Charles. Canonical sanctions were imposed on Father Vincent in 2019. These sanctions were in response to his efforts to deceive parishioners about the funding of his retirement. The faithful of the Diocese of Lake Charles are not to attend Masses celebrated by Father Vincent Vadakkedath. Father Jerish George is the current pastor providing pastoral care to lower, eastern Cameron parish.

This is a matter internal to the Diocese of Lake Charles, and it will be brought to a just resolution according to the laws of the Church. This statement to the press is intended to inform the faithful of the reasons for which they may not attend Masses celebrated by Father Vincent Vadakkedath, and it should not be used to encourage scurrilous and idle speculations on the part of the faithful or the news media.

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