Welcome to the Diocese of Lake Charles

By Bishop Glen John Provost
The painting of St. Agatha, which now graces the narthex of the Cathedral, began its journey to us several years ago when Mr. Ronald L. McGinley contacted me to donate the historic work to the Diocese of Lake Charles.   The painting was part of the succession of Brent Wickliffe Fenet to her daughter, Brent Fenet McGinley, Mr. McGinley’s beloved wife.   The painting is donated in memory of Mrs. McGinley and her mother and enjoyed a long history in the Wickliffe family. 

The administration of the Diocese of Lake Charles wishes to comment on an article appearing in the headlines of the Tuesday, July 23, edition of the American Press, entitled “Lack of transparency: Reports contradict Diocese’s listed abuse dates.” On April 11, 2019, the Diocese of Lake Charles published a List of Credibly Accused Clergy in order to assist victims and exhibit transparency. The diocese opened personnel files to an independent Review Board comprised of legal and judicial professionals. As part of their process, the Board determined the qualifications for credible accusations according to applicable law and then composed the list.

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