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Following revised weather forecasts, a mandatory evacuation has been ordered for Cameron Parish.  Therefore, once more the clergy will evacuate that area, along with their parishioners.

Catholic Schools in the Diocese remain closed, as does the Chancery and Diocesan offices, except Catholic Charities.  

I am continuing to receive reports of water incursion in one of our churches, Our Lady Queen of Heaven.   Water vacuums are being used to suction the water as it enters.   Monsignor Torres reports that just yesterday almost 100 gallons were removed.    But we know that this is just the beginning.    There have also been reports of rising water to the east of the Diocese from the Mermentau River area.   Doubtless the three major waterways traversing the Diocese, i.e. Sabine, Calcasieu, and Mermentau, will threaten to flood in the aftermath of the storm, flooding as we experienced in the summer of 2016.   

Supplies (i.e. blankets, pillows, bath towels and face cloths) began to be collected yesterday by Catholic Charities for use at local shelters and will continue.  The response has been most generous, according to Sister Mary Vianney.  Catholic Charities continues to work in collaboration with local authorities and assistance organizations.   

Diocesan officials remain well-informed and in contact with local officials.    The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have also requested a collection nationwide from Catholic dioceses to assist in the Texas and Louisiana recovery.   We are most grateful.

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