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We are closely monitoring the approach of Harvey to the coast.   Authorities tell us that thus far water has not entered the churches in Cameron Parish.   We will know more following Harvey’s landfall sometime Wednesday.

I plan on going to Big Lake this coming weekend, as scheduled, for a parish visitation.   We have dispensed with the formalities that might impose any burden.   The visit will involve celebrating Mass at Our Lady of the Lake and St. Patrick’s and visiting with our brothers and sisters there.     All this, of course, depends upon accessibility and the lifting of evacuation orders.  

At present, I am still planning on conducting my First Friday Men’s Breakfast at the Cathedral, September 1. 

I met very recently with volunteers from Catholic Charities.  The collection of needed items, which will serve the shelters being set up, is going well.    Catholic Charities is most grateful for the food donations.  

Archbishop Aymond of New Orleans has been in regular contact with me, expressing concern and offering support.   We appreciate this greatly.   Also, the General Secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has contacted me, along with all other bishops whose dioceses are affected, to receive information on the developing situation and to assess our needs. 

As I mentioned in my last update, once the storm has passed it is the river stages which will present difficulties for us with possible flooding.   We are also very concerned about our farmers and their crops, which will be impacted adversely by water incursion.   All are in our prayers, and we look forward to assisting.    

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